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We are a newly established business unit that serves as a one stop shop of a wide variety of chemical formulations that support in complete .
Affluence, a trusted name promoting Nano Bubbles technology by providing Japans patented UFB Dual.

Who we are
At our company Affluence, we believe there is a better & effective way to market to Mother Nature and earn customers rather than buy. We are passionate about our mission to help the people in achieving it. Our company focuses on water optimization which is one of the crucial aspects of Nature and we consider it as an opportunity. As a trusted trader and supplier, we are helping the customers in simplifying the cleaning solutions by using our UFB device. 
What We Do?
The main concept which our company is introducing is sustainable cleaning methods. Our UFB Device is an energy and cost-saving product which is the worlds first Ultra Fine Bubble Generating Nozzle. Our product- UFB Dual is Japans unique patented product which is used for the applications like sprinkling, cleaning, etc. By installing UFB Dual in bathrooms, showers, kitchen, toilets, water pipes, etc. the users can get ultra-fine bubble water which is comfortable on the skin, effective for oral care and easily removes dirt & odors from the clothes with a small amount of detergent.
What are Nano Bubbles?
  • Nano Bubbles are mini bubbles in liquid which have various unique physical properties like they are less than 20 nm in diameter. Longevity, extremely large surface/volume ratio, high oxygen dissolution rate, the virtual disappearance of buoyancy, high internal pressure and generation of free radicals are some of the main features of nano bubbles.
Underwater Behavior of Nanobubbles & Microbubbles
  • The long-lasting stability of nanobubbles in water is a result of their negatively charged surface (zeta potential).
  • The internal pressure of nanobubbles in liquids is significantly higher than that of their surroundings, which aids in the gas(es) dissolving into the liquids very effectively.
  • As the nanobubbles rise in the liquid, free radicals produced during the collapse catalyse chemical oxidation reactions.
  • Due to the amazing characteristics of nanobubbles, they have found numerous uses in a wide range of science and technology disciplines, including the industrial, biological, and medical sectors.
Benefits of Using Ultra Fine Bubble Tech
  • Increases Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels rapidly
  • Removes bad smells/odor
  • Decomposes sludge at the bottom of the water body
  • Stimulates self-purification to recover clean water environment
  • Degradation of organic compounds, elimination of floating algae and reduction of excess nutrients
  • Kills anaerobic microbes and promotes aerobic microbes
The Global Market for Nanobubbles (Ultrafine Bubbles) 2022-2032
The market for nanobubbles has the potential to be worth several billion dollars and has significant ramifications for the aquaculture, water treatment, hydrophonics, and agricultural industries. The market for nano-bubble generators is anticipated to grow impressively over 5% between 2022 and 2032, according to the most recent research. The largest demand in the international market is anticipated to come from the fish farming industries.
Additional Properties Include:
  • The ability to sterilize by bactericidal activity.
  • Contamination removal without the use of cleaning products.
  • Cellular bio-activation.
  • Enhancing plant, crustacean, and fish growth.
  • Cell defence.
  • The ability to quickly and efficiently raise or lower a liquid's temperature by heat transfer.
  • The ability to promote vaporization for desalination systems that use evaporation and cooling towers that are water-cooled.
  • Stop metal and concrete rust.
  • Remediation and environmental purification.
Bubble Characteristics
4 Major Points of Ultra Fine Bubbles (UFB)
  • Too tiny to be visible- A human hair's breadth may fit 500 to 1,000 bubbles.
  • Negatively charged- UFB draws positive ions (+) because it has a negative charge.
  • Bubble's internal pressure is about 30 atm- Due to the pressure of the surrounding water, intermolecular force, and electrostatic force, the bubble's interior pressure reaches 30 atm. The 30 atm bubble bursting has a very devastating effect for viruses and bacteria that are the same size as UFB. The soiling is removed by the shock.
  • Does not disappear over a long period- Since they are too little and hardly buoyant, the bubbles.
  • The bubbles are negatively charged; thus, they do not adhere to one another.
  • Shell of positive ions.
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